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Rental Terms and Conditions and are two booking centers operated by Le Marché Du Velo, SARL with capital of 16,000 euros and domiciled:


Siège social

La Champagne



Téléphone : +334 79 72 31 36

E-mail :

TVA FR2051323751


When booking rental equipment carried on and sites or by telephone from the central booking implies acceptance of the terms and conditions specified below. The rental terms are subject to change, the conditions applicable are those in force on our website at the time of placing the reservation.


Article 1: Booking equipment rental

1-1: Material object of the rental

The entire proposed lease equipment is described on our website, provided that the presented models can be replaced by equivalent models in case of out of stock or reservation a few days prior to rental. Our products are available for booking until 5 days before the start of the client.

Our commitments:

Guarantee satisfied or upgraded if selected during the booking
. Process model is not available to the client's arrival in stores, we are committed to upgrade the client, if the upgrade is not possible, we are committed to providing the customer a model at least equivalent to the selected model.

Setting and cleaning the bike before withdrawal by the customer

Advice and settings through a cycle technician


1-2: Cost of rental

The cost of rent is fixed by the hardware category reserved by the customer and the rental period chosen in accordance with our rental rates. Our prices are inclusive of the prevailing rate in France when booking all taxes.

1-3: Mode of Payment

Le Marche Du Velo company has entered into a service agreement with Paypal.

These agreements are designed to provide all the functions needed to manage a payment service and secure Internet payment acquisition.

PayPal handles trade security and ensure the protection of secrets (decryption keys) and their management.

Financial costs (bank charges at the rate of exchange, bank commission, ...) possibly related to payments via PayPal are the responsibility of the company's bicycle market.

Paypal customers can pay via the Paypal account or by credit card.


1-4: Contract Formation

The reservation is made and becomes effective only after the receipt by the bicycle market, according to what has been said above, the total amount of the rental receipt by the customer an e-mail confirmation rental booking form including print and submit by the customer to the store or place of removal of leased equipment.



Article 2 : Provision and return the rented equipment - Tenancies

Rent starts from taking possession of the equipment by the customer until the day included the refund in accordance with the time indicated on the reservation voucher printed by the client and returned to the store .

The material can be recovered the first rental day from 09:30 am and must be returned at the end of the last rental day before 6:00 pm.

The bike equipment rented is the sole responsibility of the customer as soon as he takes possession .

In case of delay of the rented equipment , the customer is obliged to inform the store or point of withdrawal concerned as soon as possible.

Leased equipment must be made mandatory in the store or the withdrawal point where they were taken .

Sunday and public holiday : when renting a Sunday or public holiday, the materials must be collected the day before from 6pm and must be returned the next day at 9am.

Failure to return the rented equipment , whatever the reason , will be invoiced by the relevant store to the customer the full value in the new state of this material at retail price , and in addition rental cost . The customer has the possibility to hedge the risk of theft or breakage by purchasing private insurance.

Article 3: Using rented equipment

The leased equipment is intended for the sole use of the client, without any possibility of subletting or loan even for free . The customer is the sole judge of its ability to use the leased equipment . Only cyclists monitors and tour operators can make available to their customers rented from our company equipment.

The client certifies that is able to make use of the rented equipment and agrees to be used with caution , safe for third parties in accordance with applicable regulations .

Any material offered for rent is recognized to be taken in good condition and must be returned as such. The equipment being numbered or marked, shall be returned with the same numbers and the same brand. Any damage , whatever the cause, will result , in addition to the cost of the rental payment directly to the relevant store expenses of replacement or rehabilitation , to a maximum value to the new condition equipment . The customer has the possibility to hedge the downside risk by purchasing insurance personally " break / robbery".

Article 4: Availability of equipment available for hire

The company Le Marche Du Velo and its partners can not be held responsible for delays in provision of leased equipment delays caused by reasons beyond their control, including accidents, delays in the return of equipment rentals earlier, modification of regulations, force majeure, strikes, etc ...

In such circumstances, Le Marche Du Velo or partner concerned shall use its best efforts to make it available to the material of equal or higher quality customer according to availability of the relevant store.

Article 5: Cancellation Policy

The customer has a cooling off period of 7 days from the confirmation of booking. If this period occurs on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday or holiday, it is extended to the next business day.

However, this right of withdrawal can not be exercised if the tenancy started before the expiration of seven days.

When using the right of withdrawal within the 7 days, the amount paid by the customer shall be refunded less the sum of 11 € per person for fees. Reimbursement shall be made either by credit card used for the transaction, either by check or by crediting the PayPal account.

Article 6: Juridiction - Applicable Law

In For any litigation whatsoever relating to this contract, failing amicable settlement, the dispute shall be settled by the competent court according to the rules of procedure applicable.

French law will only apply to any dispute of any nature whatsoever and the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

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